Move Large Files Fast

A cloud platform for storage and moves large files anywhere with speed, reliability, and security.

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Main functions

File Sending & Sharing

Use Download Share and Upload Invite functions to share data by emailing a link.

Real Time Collaboration

Online monitor download status of shared link at anytime

Account Management & Authority

Administrator can do: • Creat sub-accounts and manage in group • Login verifcation • Control numbers of download, bandwith of up/download • Authorize files access, operation and validity

Independent Spaces

Set up an independent space for the needs of a team or a project. Each spaces are non-interfering and has own access control.

Storage Space File Management

Private space and group space are separated professionally. Users can manage online data via uploading, creating new folder, deleting, copying and moving files.

Four features

Efficient Transmission

Utilize network bandwidth to transfer files at full line speed around the world. Undaunted by network latency and packet loss, the transmission speed is 100 times faster than FTP.

UDP-based transmission acceleration

Same files can be transferred within seconds

Top speed transmission of massive small files

Multi-scenarios transnational transmission and two-way acceleration service

Collaborative Working

Convenient files management, one-click sharing and upload inviting help employees to work efficiently.

Quickly share information with business colleagues by sharing links, files, and etc

Independent personal storage space

Team projects can be set up in multi-space for non-interfering business operation

Security Guarantee

File safety and stability are guaranteed while the built-in multi-verification mechanism to ensures the integrity and security during transmission.

Support breakpoint resume and error-incurred retransmission

Industry standard 256-bit AES encryption

Built-in comprehensive CVE vulnerability scanner ensures the integrity of whole data, preventing man-in-the-middle attacks and anonymous UDP attacks

Easy to Use

Install transmission plug-in after signing up, then you can share with or invite your co-workers in the distance to upload and download files.

Clear interface

Support Windows, Linux, MacOS and other mainstream systems

Fully compatible with all browsers

English and Chinese Versions

Application scenarios

Large files transmission

Mass files transmission

Transnational files transmission

Data synchronization

Transfer a large file to friends now

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