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File receiving and sending

External link receiving and sending

Share data with your partners' mailbox in the way of external link via the functions of download sharing and upload inviting

External link management

Supports sharing link password setting, expiration time setting, and message management

External link monitoring

Check the download status of the sharing links online at any time.

Security protection

Login Verification

Supports administrators and sub-accounts to perform dynamic identity verification through mobile phone numbers or mailboxes when logging in.

Data transfer encryption

Based on SSL encrypted transfer protocol, built-in CVE vulnerability scanning function and adds multiple defense walls for data information.

Log system

Have a perfect log system, so that all events can be traced back.

IP interception

Supports appointed IP login interception to protect data leakage

Collaborative office

Sharing space

Supports shared directory creating for the different associated user and carrying out file operation authority control and transfer speed limitation

Sub-account permission management

Supports sub-accounts permission management to facilitate the internal management


Based on the internal notification of the enterprise, the message is sent to all sub-accounts.

Enterprise customization

Supports enterprise domain name, logo and background picture customization

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