How to Transfer the Large Files of 100GB? It 's Time to Say Goodbye to the Traditional Ways


With the explosive growth of enterprise data, not only is the amount of data increasing, but the size of a single file is also increasing, including a 1GB picture, a 3GB video, a 12GB design drawing, and even hundreds of large files.

large file transfer

These files are important business data of enterprises and organizations. When these data are collected, they will form a complete business map of enterprises, which is of great significance.

The challenge faced by large file transfer:

The transfer tools that people usually used to transfer the small files will be inconvenienced in transferring the number of large files. If the file is larger, people often think of using express hard disk to transfer it, but it usually takes three or four days to express hard disk, and there is also the risk of express loss. These methods can not meet the needs of enterprises to obtain large files in time.

  • The file volume is large, and the data transfer is slow, which seriously slows down the business progress.

  • The security of the data can't be guaranteed with the traditional file transfer protocol, the conditions like data leakage or damage is occurs frequently.

  • The transfer mode is too complicated, which consumes too much time and labor cost.

Relied on the self-developed transfer protocol, Raysync transfers the data at full line speed, while protecting the security of all the data.

  • Adopting the intelligent segmentation technology of super-large files, the transfer speed of large files can also be guaranteed.

  • Supports the advanced mechainisms like breakpoint resume and error retransmission to ensure complete and accurate of data transfer.

  • The bank standard AES-256 encryption protects the security of the data.

  • Supports two-way file synchronization between client and server, and bid farewell to the troublesome of manual copying.

It's time to say goodbye to the traditional ways. With Raysync, it's never been so easier to transfer large files at such a high speed than ever.

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