Practical Functions Update of Raysync Cloud Premium Plan


raysync cloud

Raysync Cloud Premium plan has recently released two brand new functions, the function updates in this time mainly include:

Download without login


If you enable the Download with login option, the download traffic produced by the link receiver you share will directly be deducted from your account. The receivers who have your shared link don't need to log into the Raysync Cloud account for file download.

If you disabled this option, the receiver of this link needs to log into Raysync Cloud account before downloading the information you shared. The traffic required for downloading data shall be deducted from the account of the receiver.

This function helps users to control each link sharing situation independently.

Limited download times


When sharing a link, you can manually set the number of downloads.

On the one hand, users can strictly control the download times of data, on the other hand, they can avoid the traffic loss caused by the diffusion of sharing links or repeated downloads.

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