Purchase & Upgrade


I am in China and I choose to upload files to a storage server outside China during registration. How is the cost settled? The storage server distinguishes between China and outside China, and the payment amount and currency are also different. Servers in China are settled in RMB, while servers outside China are settled in US dollars. Chinese users suggest Alipay or WeChat, other overseas users recommend paypal.

How does the Enterprise Edition charge new users? When adding enterprise users, you only need to make up for the remaining time (increasing day to the end date). The remaining time is calculated monthly, and less than one month is calculated monthly.

Can I issue a VAT invoice? Yes, the user selects the type of invoicing (VAT ordinary invoice / VAT special invoice) in the order list, and the invoice is issued to the user at a fixed time every week.

Account Upgrade

How to upgrade Premium to Premium Plus? First of all, users of the Premium during the trial period or after the trial period cannot upgrade to the plus version. For those users who have already paid for the Premium of Raysync Cloud, after logging in, click the upper right corner of the interface "Upgrade to Plus" or enter the account center and click the "Upgrade to Plus" logo to upgrade. If you have any questions, please dial 400-833-6022 For consultation, our product consultant will communicate with you asap.

How to calculate the cost of the upgrade of Premium to Plus? For users who have not expired on a monthly basis, you need to make up the difference between the remaining time (the date of the upgrade to the end). The remaining time is calculated monthly, and less than one month is calculated monthly. 1. If the remaining days less than one year For example, for the remaining 100 days, you need to make up the difference of four months. 2. If the remaining time is more than one year, less than two years For example, the remaining is 13 months, you only need to make up 11 months based on the principle of only 10 months be paied if buy one year.

Can I go back after upgrading Premium to Plus? Not supported.

Can I upgrade the Premium to Enterprise Edition? The Premium cannot be upgraded to the enterprise version. If you need to use the enterprisplese, please register enterprise again.