What is Raysync Cloud? A cloud platform for large file fast transfer transmission. It can provide professional, efficient, high-speed, secure and reliable transmission services, with it, people can easily access and manage different file data.A cloud service platform that enables rapid distribution and cooperative transmission of files.RaySync cloud products include personal edition and enterprise edition, which can provide professional file transmission and management services for different user groups.

Role setting of RaySync Cloud Transmission? Raysync cloud transmission is equivalent to a team-based organization that can build a file management transmission platform for the whole team; administrator can create new users for file management, team members can also share files, invite and conduct other operations, administrator can set permissions and grant non team members to conduct file access, downloading, uploading and other operational functions. There are four types of roles for RaySync cloud transmission: administrator, member, inviter for uploading, and viewer. Administrator: Has administrative rights, such as space management, member management, log access, transmission speed setting and other management permissions; Member: Is a sub-account user created by the administrator, and has the operation authority of file management, transmission, sharing, downloading, etc. Inviter for uploading: Is the object that is invited by an enterprise member to upload files, and has the right to upload files in the specified folder; Viewer: Is the object that has rights to share file download links with the enterprise members, and can download the files shared by the enterprise members without other operation rights;

Sharing and collaboration

How to invite my colleagues or other non-RaySync cloud transmission users to conduct file sharing? A link can be produced and sent to other people with the button“Share”, other people can download and view the content of file in the shared link by accessing the link.

How to prevent the non-RaySync cloud transmission users from modifying my shared files? Non-RaySync cloud transmission users are only with download or upload function. We provide a single link distinguishing function for shared links. The download link is only with download function, and any file cannot be uploaded. The upload link is only with upload function and any file in the folder cannot be operated in other ways.

Will my memory space be occupied if I invite others to upload files? Yes, inviting others to upload files will occupy the user's memory space.

Can the administrator role be transferred to another member? Not supported.If users need to adjust the administrator, they should apply to the relevant customer service consultant of the RaySync cloud transmission software. After the completion of the application, administrator account will be switched via the platform.

Security and privacy

Is the file stored in the RaySync cloud transmission software safe? In order to ensure the data security of users, RaySync cloud transmission software provides secure encryption authenticated service that is same as the E-bank. It relies on TLS algorithm and AES-256 financial level encryption strength to protect users data security. At the same time, it provides SSL security assurance during the outgoing transmission to ensure data security transmission.


How to delete an account? Raysync cloud transmission software does not support the function of deleting accounts. The member accounts of the enterprise edition can be deleted by the administrator.

How to change a password? In the left menu bar, find "Account” and change the password.

Download traffic issue

How to do if Download traffic is not enough after I purchased mouth plan? Each month is fixed at present, you can contact the relevant sales man or contact us if it is not enough.

How to deal with the remian download traffic after I purchased mouth plan? The remian download traffic will be cleared before the next month.

Frequently asked questions

Is the RaySync cloud transmission service free? RaySync cloud transmission offers users 15 days free trial experience service.

Is there any size limit for file transmission? RaySync cloud transmission software provides professional transmission service and there is no file size limit for users to transfer files. You can transfer MB, GB, TB size files, you can also conduct bulk transfer for large scale small files.

Can the deleted files be recovered? The deleted files can not be recovered, RaySync cloud transmission software does not provide Recycle Bin service now, if users delete their files, they cannot be recovered.

Can the user name of RaySync cloud transmission be modified? Once the user name is successfully registered, it cannot be modified.The user name is equivalent to the user ID and is the unique identifier of the account.

Are the member names in the RaySync cloud transmission enterprise edition customizable? Enterprise administrator can uniformly set user names, registration phones, E-mails and other information when creating member accounts or modify them in the later stage.Individual members cannot modify the user name.

Why does the external link of files prompt 'Link has expired or is closed'? 1. A validity period is set when the external link is generated. After the expiration date, the external link fails. 2. The external link of the file is closed before the expiration date. 3. The external link file is deleted.